Protecting and preserving our natural environment is always our top priority. All of our practices are centered around embracing nature to manage our interests instead of trying to overcome it. We do not use any chemicals for weeds, fertilization, or pest management and instead rely on cover crops, bio-intensive spacing, naturally selective breeding, and of course, good old fashioned hand weeding among many others. 


APIARY (Beekeeping)

The treatment-free and natural management of honeybees was the catalyst for the creation of Bluegrass Blessings Farms & Apiary! We absolutely love our honeybees and place their well being above all else, including profits. We firmly believe the most sustainable method of beekeeping is a natural approach which allows for the honeybees to adapt and overcome challenges in the environment by selective breeding. This breeding is accomplished by the bees themselves and not by us. We use the Layen's hive model to provide the absolute closest hive to a tree hollow and provide the space required for the bees to build their nest as they naturally would in the wild. There are lots of details on how this management practice works but the hive design and the patience to wait on the honeybees to develop naturally are the first steps in establishing this discipline.



AVIARY (Chickens)

At Bluegrass Blessings Farms our chickens roam the property by day and have free access to 16 acres of natural Kentucky pastures, woods, and watersheds. Of course they have a coop they return to for egg laying (most of the time) and at night for safety but they mostly wander the property eating bugs, worms, grasses, and herbs. In essence, they are being chickens exactly as nature intended them to be. We do not administer medicines to the flock and instead rely on dust baths and the ingestion of natural oils from the grasses and herbs to control diseases and pests such as mites and intestinal worms. The pasture-raised discipline, if truly followed, puts all other marketing gimmicks such as "Cage-Free", "Free-Range", "Vegetarian-Fed", shame! The result is happier, healthier chickens that provide the most nutritious and tastiest eggs possible. Try them for yourself and taste the difference!





Our produce is always grown following naturally grown practices, which means we take pride in producing fruits and vegetables in a healthy, sustainable, and transparent manner. Naturally grown practices require using no synthetic chemicals, no genetically modified (GMO) plants, and farming in a manner that serves the natural environment instead of depleting its resources. We believe naturally grown practices produce the most nutrient-rich and flavorful fruits and vegetables possible.